Do ya love it?! I do!

Hi All!

I have officially made the decision to move to wordpress, hence the reason why when you click my links they now take you to this beautiful (and organized!) page.

This change is a response to my thoughts on where I hope to go with this blog. I have noticed that there are a few different things that I write about in terms of food, and I think that having separate pages for each makes things easier for you, and for me too 🙂

You will notice on the top right that there are several pages: “Home” “About” “Reviews” “Recipes” Restaurants” and “Remakes”…

“Home” should take you to my most recent post.

“About” is where I can write a little about myself and updates on my life.

“Recipes” is where I will write about my adventures in my tiny kitchen.

“Reviews” is where I will write product reviews, both ones that are sent to me for free to review, and products I pick up off the shelves on my own. I will let you  know in each post which it is.

“Restaurants” is where I will write about my experiences at restaurants, both locally and while traveling.

“Remakes” is actually in “beta form”, if you will, and I’m not sure I’ll keep this. If I do, I will be using it to talk about food I make while following recipes. Different from “Recipes” in that this would be recipes I’ve gotten from other people and “Recipes” would be stuff I’ve come up with on my own. We’ll see how it goes- let me know if you have any thoughts on having them separate or together!

I am really excited about this switch and all of the other ideas that I am putting in to play. I can’t wait to start blogging more often and giving you all more of what you want. As always, let me know what’s working for you and what’s not.

Note: I have moved my favorite and the most popular posts from my blogger account over here to wordpress. I did this so that I could create links for them in the recipes, reviews and remakes pages. So be on the lookout for new material coming very soon!

Do ya love the new page?! I do!


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