Dreamfields Pasta

Although this sounds like the name of a recipe for the best pasta dish you’ve ever eaten, it’s not. It’s actually a brand of pasta that I finally tried after receiving a recommendation for it this past summer.

Dreamfields pasta was recommended to me as a way to eat pasta more often without feeling guilty or like I was consuming too many carbs. I don’t skip out on carbs, they are an important source of energy, especially when you’re active. (I think the Atkins diet is ridiculous; any diet that says bacon is OK but apples are not is more than a little crazy – maybe I’ll post about it soon…) I just try to make sure that my diet is balanced and that I’m not consuming too many, especially processed, carbohydrates. I decided to try it out – I love pasta so why not?!

This pasta claims to have a 65% lower Glycemic Index than regular pasta. According to the wonderful-for-familiarization-purposes-website, Wikipedia, that means…

“The glycemic index, glycaemic index, or GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream have a high GI; carbohydrates that break down more slowly, releasing glucose more gradually into the bloodstream, have a low GI. The concept was developed by Dr. David J. Jenkins and colleagues[1] in 1980โ€“1981 at the University of Toronto in their research to find out which foods were best for people with diabetes.”

So I tried the pasta, and it tasted almost exactly like regular pasta! It tookย  a few (1-3) extra minutes to cook (nbd). Pasta doesn’t have too strong of a taste on it’s own, hence the reason why it is usually mixed with lots of other ingredients and/or topped with an often complex sauce. This pasta tasted similar, but even less taste, if that’s possible. And I feel like it was denser; the texture was a little different. Keep in mind, though, that I was thinking hard about it so that I could write about it.

I stopped for a second to ask myself: “If i was served this in a restaurant, would I notice the difference?” Probably not. So with that said, it tastes just like pasta! So if a low glycemic index is something you think about in terms of your diet, this is a great substitute for regular pasta!

My mom had sausage, onions and peppers already made, so I cut them up and mixed them with the pasta and loved it! I’ll definitely buy this when I see it in the store!

I usually go for whole wheat or spinach pasta. What about you? What are your favorite brands and why?


9 thoughts on “Dreamfields Pasta

  1. Dreamfields is the best pasta. My husband is diabetic and that is why we started eating this. It is delicious and unless I tell my friends before that they are eating it, they have no clue. Try it…you will never eat “regular” pasta again! The only down side….I wish they would make Rigatoni…that is my favorite pasta! lol

  2. I am diabetic so I only use Dreamfields now. As a Mom of three kids, I am very thankful that we can still eat pasta! I have used this brand many times and no one has ever been able to tell the difference between it and regular pasta.

    I have always found that I need to cook it exactly one minute less than the time on the package to get it the consistency we like.

    • Hi Ann! Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ I do lots and lots of low sugar recipes, so I will be sure to indicate which are which so you can check back for some new ideas! I’ve been thinking about making a Tab for Low Sugar, one for Gluten-Free, etc… we’ll see! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I found mine at a regular Shop Rite grocery store. Most grocery stores will start to carry it if they don’t already – just ask customer service. If all else fails, you can order from their website. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I hope so too! Not all of my recipes will work for you, but I tend to use less carbs (most of the time) and lower sugar or low GI products ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to comment on recipes with substitution ideas for diabetics!

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