Do you like it raw?

Do you like it raw? is the tagline for one of Philadelphia’s newest sushi joints, Makiman Sushi. Going out for sushi has become almost like a tradition for the two of us, and being in town to celebrate valentine’s day and our anniversary, we knew it was a must. So, we searched for Center City BYOB Sushi spots.

On Yelp we found Makiman, they had great reviews, and their Spruce street location is close (about a 15 minute walk) to Helium Comedy Club where we were heading after dinner. We looked up the menu and saw tons of options, lots of things we liked, and very reasonable prices. So that was that – off to Makiman!

We arrived and were greeted by several servers all smiling and eager to seat us. The interior is a mix of your typical sushi place and a trendy tapas bar. The lights are low, there is a lot of dark wood, asian art and decor, plants, you get the picture. It is a small place, and despite its modest store front, once seated it feels like a full on restaurant experience.

Now for the food…

Between the two of us we shared 1 soup, 2 small salads, 4 rolls and a dessert. I did not consume the entire following list all by myself 🙂

First course: Soup and Salad

Dumpling Soup

This was very good! The pork dumplings were very soft, perfectly cooked and nice and flavorful. The pork broth was tasty and light. Overall it tasted, to me, like a cross between wonton soup (most likely because of the pork) and Miso soup. Very tasty!


Seaweed Salad

Classic seaweed salad, a large portion, and served as a perfect palate cleanser between tasting the different types of rolls.

House salad with homemade ginger dressing

This was hands down the best ginger dressing I have ever had in my life. It was the perfect balance between sweet and spicy, it was smooth, light, almost refreshing even. The lettuce, tomato and especially the cucumber were incredibly fresh, chilled (but not freezing cold) and were perfect with the dressing. Now that I think about it, I should have asked if I could buy some to take home! It really was that good.


Second Course: Sushi Rolls

Makiman’s Fusion Rolls are their specialty rolls – creative and unique, but well thought-out flavor combinations. They had a special where these fusion rolls were buy one, get one half off. We ordered four so two of them were half off! Great deal on already reasonably prices rolls!

A note about the presentation: unreal. They brought our rolls out all on one large platter. The picture speaks for its self.

Raw Viking

Spicy tuna and avocado in fresh salmon topped with red and green tobken with crunch and scallions. This was my favorite! Spicy tuna and salmon rolls are two of my favorites, I ado

re avocado and love crunch in sushi! The presentation of the red and green tobken was great – pure art. There was a great balance between the soft fish and avocado and the seaweed and crunch. I am actually salivating right now thinking about it!

New England

White fish, lobster, Kani temp

ura.This was my least favorite. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, it was just a little bland for my taste. The rolls were huge, which I usually hate because usually ones this big are also nearly impossible to bite in half – not the case here. It was easy to bite them in half without tugging, pulling or them falling apart. I added a little extra wasabi to my soy sauce for dipping this one.

Cap ‘N Crunch

Kani, cooked shrimp, tempura flakes, mayo and cucumber. This one was my lovely date’s favorite! And it came it at a close second to the raw viking for me, too. Similar to t

he raw viking, it was nice and soft, but had a great balance with the addition of the tempura flakes. This is key for me in terms of sushi. I’m obviously OK with raw fish, but when every bite is mushy is freaks me out a little bit. The spicyness and the little bits of crunch turn mush in to phenomenal sushi.

Sixers Roll

Shrimp tempura inside and spicy tuna on the outside. This one was good! Not my favorite, but not bad at all. Very tasty! Again with the great balance of textures – soft on the top with the spicy tu na, and nice and crispy shrimp tempura on the inside.

I have a question- do you eat the shrimp tempura tail? It makes for great presentation, but after I snap a quick picture, I remove the tail. Do you eat it?

Third Course: Dessert

Green Tea Tempura Icecream

Green tea icecream coated in white bread, frozen, battered in tempura and fried. It came out with a side of whipped cream drizzled with chocolate, fresh strawberry slices, and the tempura ice cream was topped with a strawberry topping.

I knew I had to try green tea ice cream, and since Phil has tried it before, but has never had fried ice cream, we went with this dessert. Honestly… phenomenal! The green tea ice cream is sweet and refreshing, unlike any other flavor I’ve ever had. The tempura batter was delicious with the ice cream, and the strawberry topping made for a great tasting combination. I was seriously impressed. And finished more than my share of dessert! Which I rarely do, so that’s saying something!

The owner came over to talk to us to make sure everything went well. He was very nice, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to talk to. He told us that their motto is quality, consistent and reliable. And they absolutely were! Every course was reasonably priced, creative, satisfying and unbelievably delicious. I can’t even tell you how many times throughout the rest of the night, and this morning, we’ve looked at each other and said “how good was dinner last night?”

If you live in or near Philly, are passing through, or are vacationing here -I strongly suggest you try out Makiman. They have free delivery, too if you’re not in the mood to go out!

I love it raw at Makiman!

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