Reading Terminal Market

Have you ever been to Reading Terminal Market in Philly? I went once in high school on a trip to a science museum and have thought about it every time I’ve been to Philly since then. Well, this past weekend I made sure it was on the list of must-see’s! I am so so glad we went! I left with tons of goodies and we had a fabulous lunch!!

In case you don’t know, Reading Terminal Market used to be a train station, but has since been converted in to an indoor market. There are tons of vendors, most of which have set-up-shop and are permanent, and some others that set up tables. There are small produce stands, gourmet chocolate and dessert counters, delis, butchers, larger produce stands, wine, candles, spices, and tons of places to eat!

I wanted to take pictures of every single thing in sight. There was so much to see, so many fresh colors, so many textures. I was in heaven! Except… it was way too crowded and I was a little too overwhelmed to get too many great pictures. But I did manage to get a few! Above is one from the larger “Produce Corner” where I snagged some Romaine lettuce, lemons, cucumbers, giant apples, bananas and a few other things.



This shop was mostly spices, with some other sauces and basic items. They bag and label them themselves and there is such a huge variety! And they’re cheap! A huge amount (about 2 of the average size spice from the supermarket) for about $2.25-$2.75, and they sell glass jars for them too. I wanted to pick one out that I’ve never worked with and am usually afraid of to incorporate in to a new recipe! So I went with Curry. I’m hoping to make a coconut curry chicken and vegetable dish over Jasmine rice – we’ll see how it goes!


Here’s a pictures I snapped quickly once we got back. Bananas, apples, limes, cucumber, carrots, avocado, baby cabbage, gourmet dark chocolate covered raisins, curry, and a new bottle of Riesling to try! (I also got some sliced deli ham for chicken cordon bleu – not pictured)


Last, but certainly not least, we grabbed some lunch on the way out at Olympic Gyro. Phil and I both love Mediterranean food (every kind of food, really) and spotted this place on the way in. The service was super quick, but not pushy and the prices were reasonable. The food, though…. amazing! I had such great experiences with food in Philly overall this past weekend!

We both ordered classic gyros (lamb, pita bread, tomatos, raw onion, tzatziki sauce). Lately whenever I order gyros out the lamb meat is super dry and the tzatziki sauce is put on last, so it isn’t event distributed and so the dryer bites are super, super dry!


NOT the case at Olympic gyro. The meat was perfectly cooked (we could see it cooking from where we sat at the counter), so moist and tender, the bites without tzatziki didn’t even need it! Their tzatziki was really great though, so I did prefer the bites with it! (We all know I like condiments!)


It was the best gyro I’ve had!


One thought on “Reading Terminal Market

  1. Love gyros!! One thing I really did love about Greece! But even more than gyros, I love the yawning man you captured in the first picture, haha. Great post 🙂

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