The Breakfast BLT – New Brunch Menu @ Klondike Kate’s

I love brunch at Klondike Kate’s on Main Street on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s one of the quintessential UD experiences. Blood Mary bar, cheap beers, mimosas and a great menu of hangover helpers.

Hungover or not, the food is great and the atmosphere is even better, especially on a nice day when the patio is open.

This past weekend the man and I went to Kate’s for brunch as usual and sat on the semi-newly renovated patio. Spring is FINALLY here. Looking over the menu we noticed their “soon to be classics” – a new selection of brunch menu items. As you know, I like to try new things, and having been to Kate’s for brunch a number of times already, I was pumped to try one of these new items.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted breakfast or lunch, but I didn’t have to. Instead I went with The Spanglish – a sandwich that perfectly fused the two.

What’s on it?

  • wheat toast
  • generous amount of crispy (maple?) bacon
  • 2 fried eggs
  • cheese
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • mayo

(I’d say this is foodgawker / food porn worthy, no?)

Didn’t see the last few coming did ya? It’s basically an egg sandwich and a BLT in one. I was skeptical of eggs and lettuce and eggs and mayo (not a huge fan of egg salad, myself) – but it was awesome.

The bacon was perfectly cooked – nice and crispy the way I like it. The lettuce must have been strategically added last as it was not warm or wilted. The eggs were fine – I’ll get to those later. There was just a little bit of mayo, fresh tomato slices and perfectly toasted wheat bread.

I don’t know for sure but I think the bacon may have been maple bacon. It was sweet and delicious and had a good sweet and salty balance.

Kate’s brunch also comes with home fries and fresh fruit. Their home fries are soft on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. Cooked with a few pieces of green pepper they take on a wonderful, bold flavor. After this slightly greasy, salty and filling sandwich and home fries, the fresh fruit was the perfect refreshing end to the meal.

Words of Caution:

Specify how you’d like your eggs. I love fried eggs and recently learned that there are different types. I HATE yolks that are AT ALL runny, even a little bit. It grosses me out and is #1 on my short list of foods I don’t eat. These eggs came “over hard” meaning that they were hard on the outside, but the inside of the yolk was still runny. I took the first bite and it went everywhere totally grossing me out. Fortunately I am not grossed out that easily and after cutting out the yolks, returning the whites to the sandwich and wiping up the mess I had made, I was able to move on and completely enjoy the rest of the meal. To avoid this I would suggest asking for fried eggs completely cooked.

Ask them to cut it in half. I cut any and every sandwich in half, but because of the bacon and lettuce I was wasn’t sure it would work well here. I tried eating it without cutting it and you just read what happened there. I wound up cutting it after reconstructing it, and that worked much better. But cutting it wasn’t easy since the plate was full. It takes just a few seconds and next to no effort for them to cut the sandwich in half in the kitchen with a huge knife and clean cutting board. I understand why they don’t serve it that way automatically, but I would suggest asking to have it cut in half.

Ask if Paulie is working. If he is, ask to be sat in his section if it isn’t already full, he’s a popular guy – it may even more worth the wait. You won’t be sorry.

Hey, Kate’s – why is it called The Spanglish?

Any favorite eats on Main Street?

What’s your favorite brunch?

What about your favorite Brunch cocktail?

2 thoughts on “The Breakfast BLT – New Brunch Menu @ Klondike Kate’s

  1. Thanks for the review! Two of our former employees first saw the Egg BLT in a movie called “Spanglish” w/ Adam Sandler. They brought it to our attention and everyone here loved it so we decided to create our own variation of it and we called it “The Spanglish” as a nod to the movie.

  2. Thanks for commenting! So glad to know where the name came from. Kate’s definitely has the best brunch – food and atmosphere – on main street!

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