Wasa Crisp ‘n Light 7 Grain Crackerbread

Guest post
by Rachael Faith Levine

I don’t recall where I first heard about Wasa bread, but a few weeks ago, I was out grocery shopping and decided to pick up a box. Wasa has several different varieties, but I chose the Crisp ‘n Light version because of its whole grain and the fact that it’s only 20 calories per piece!

For those 20 little calories, you get a piece of crunchy crackerlike bread that you can top, dip or just munch on.

These are some of my favorite ways to eat it:

  • Spread with a layer of creamy spinach-artichoke hummus
  • Topped with spreadable Feta cheese and sliced grape tomatoes
  • Spread with a thin layer of peanut butter and raspberry preserves
  • Broken into pieces in a bowl and eaten like chips

Seriously, this completely fulfills my crunch-cravings so I don’t have to resort to chips or less-nutritious crackers. I tend to eat 3-5 pieces for a snack serving, which is only 60-80 calories. I adore it so much that I ended up buying a case of 10 boxes from Amazon, and I’m a tad embarrassed to admit that I’m already more than halfway through it.

For those that are on a diet, or just looking to substitute a new product for something less healthy, definitely give Wasa Crisp ‘n Light a shot. If you’re tired of just veggies or fruit with your dips or spreads, Wasa is an awesome way to mix it up and add a little crunch into your snacks.

Note: Sometimes this product is a little tricky to find in stores- if it’s not by the other crackers, check to see if there’s a specialty section of crackers and breads by the cheese and deli department- or you can always order on Amazon!


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