Santa Fe Sangritas

Yes, that’s right a Sangrita. No, I am not confused. This is a Sangria Margarita from Santa Fe Mexican Grill in Newark, DE. This place is famous for its Happy Hours where they featured discounted beers and single as well as pitches of their delicious margaritas. They have great good; very traditional and absolutely delicious. My favorite thing to eat there is their shrimp quesadillas, but their homemade salsa and guacamole are both amazing, too.

Ok, enough about food – this is a drink something new post. One of my good friends from grad school, who also went to undergrad here in Newark with me, was shocked and borderline appalled when I told her that I didn’t know what a Sangrita was. She could not believe it. She explained that this sangria-meets-margarita is to die for, absolutely delicious, the best combination, and an absolute must-try. So of course I had to take her up on this!

I’ve been trying to eat at all of my favorite places during my last two weeks here in Newark, and last Friday Santa Fe, with a coupon in tow!, was the pick of the night. I ordered the shrimp fajitas (delicious! They are very good with their shrimp! Shrimp is another tricky thing to cook but they’ve mastered it, I think) and we ordered a round of Sangritas. I ordered mine frozen with salt.

What a beautiful drink. A super pale green lime margarita literally swirled with a fuchsia sangria, the rim laced with chunky salt along and a ripe lime wedge on the side. I couldn’t wait to take a sip! I dove right in and the taste was amazing – a great mix of sweet and tangy between the berries and the lime. But.. holy alcohol! I like cocktails made with tequila because I like the taste of tequila, so it wasn’t bad – plus the strong citrus cuts the alcohol’s edge – but boy, could I taste it! By the end of just one Sangrita, I was feeling it. And no, I am not generally a light weight. As my friend would say, “They will knock you on your butt!” and I wholeheartedly agree.

What’s your favorite summer cocktail or summer seasonal beer?

Have you tried the Skinny Girl Margaritas? LOVE Bethenny and can’t believe I haven’t yet.. Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Santa Fe Sangritas

  1. This sounds like a good drink (and looks pretty)! I’m not a big tequila fan, but this seems worth a try because of all the citrus 🙂

    Fave summer cocktail = Brandy slushy (with fruit decorations and umbrella, of course!)
    Fave summer beer = Leinenkugel (I don’t know the official name of the summer one, but I had it at Kildares last year and it was awesome!)

    • Yes, Leinkugel’s Summer Shandy is my favorite summer beer! The brandy drink sounds great!

      If you’re really not in to tequila, you could try it with vodka. Not a traditional margarita then of course, but worth a shot!

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