Drink Something New: Lil’ Sweet, Lil’ Fizzy: Yellow tail Moscato

While in Texas, where they sell liquor in the grocery store, I stumbled upon a new flavor of one of my favorite economical wines: yellow tail Moscato. A tag on the neck of the bottle read “Lil’ Sweet, Lil’ Fizzy” and that cute tagline is spot on. It was a sweeter white wine with a little bit of fizz. Not nearly as carbonated as champagne or even soda; more similar to Pellegrino as far as level of fizziness is concerned.

I drank it chilled with dinner, but they suggest drinking it with dessert or fruit. Personally I think that wine pairing is more of a personal thing than a by-the-book thing. I like to try wines with their suggested pairing and then either stick with it or modify it based on my personal preference. Reisling is suggested for spicy foods, and as my favorite wine I enjoy it with just about anything, but I do believe it is best with Mussels in spicy Marinara. To each their own, I think.

If you enjoy wine but also the occasional vodka club with a splash of cran, chances are you’d like this wine. If you like champagne, or even just the idea of champagne, but it’s too carbonated for your taste, then try yellow tail Moscato.

Reisling still holds the number one slot for wine in my heart, but I like the Moscato and It has opened my eyes, and mouth, up to other Moscato’s. I’ll report back when I try a few others with my favorites.

Side note: Anyone else hear the Giada de Laurentis Moscato radio commercial? Every time I hear the word I think of how she says it. Much more eloquently than I do, but no matter the accent it tastes just the same.

Barefoot and Yellow Tail are my favorite economical wines – what are yours? Do you prefer one over the other?

Have you tried Moscato? Are you a fan?

4 thoughts on “Drink Something New: Lil’ Sweet, Lil’ Fizzy: Yellow tail Moscato

  1. I Love the Barefoot Moscato. I have heard about the Yellow Tail but I have not tasted that one yet. Where in the DFW Metroplex can I buy it?

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