Jazz! Apples

jazz applesThe power is still out due to Hurricane Irene and therefore this week’s grocery trip was short and sweet.. literally. I was only in the store for about 25 minutes (I check lots of labels and compare prices so this is short for me!) and I bought apples and new snack bars for work. I needed items that don’t need to be refrigerated, but I also didn’t want to completely sacrifice nutrition, either.

I have been in the market for new snack bars that are low in fat, calories AND sugar – a combination, come to find out, that is hard to come by. More on my thoughts on sugar and snack bars in a later post. This post is about Jazz Apples!

As I walked through the produce section, admiring all of the need-to-be-refrigerated fruits and veggies, I thought to myself: Apples and Pears! Both are great snacks for me at work and don’t have to be refrigerated. AND I could keep them in the office. Looking around for my normal favorite, Fuji or gala apples, I was surprised that I didn’t see any. I settled on some other variety, but then out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign that said Jazz! Confused at first and then intrigued, I put my apples back and made my way over to the Jazz! apples. They looked like both fuji and gala in that they were yellow and red in color. They were larger, though, and had a more of a “tall and skinny” look than the normal “short and fat” apple shape. Only 10 cents more per pound, I figured what the heck? Eat something new, right?

I snacked on one at work yesterday (and today) and they are delicious! Crisp, dense, NOT gritty at all – my number one attribute I look for in a good apple (the only macintosh I like is my computer) – and just the right amount of sweetness. Jazz apples have a distinct taste that is hard to explain, but nothing crazy or strange, just delicious!

This is what Wikipedia had to say about Jazz apples:

“Jazz is a relatively new apple variety from New Zealand. It is the result of a cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn made by Plant & Food Research in 1985.[1] It is also known as Scifresh. It was launched in April 2004.

The apple is sweet, crunchy and juicy. It has a firm, dense flesh and a complex flavor with the acid of Braeburn and the sweetness of Royal Gala giving it broad appeal.

The speculation about why the apple variety is named Jazz, is most likely the exciting color combinations that can be compared to the music style jazz which is often an advanced harmony with discoloration of a piecework.

Jazz apples are being grown under license in New Zealand, UK, Washington state in the US, Australia, France, Chile, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazz_(apple))

After doing a simple Google search I noticed that Jazz apples even have their own website: jazzapple.com.

Here are a few images they featured that I thought were worth sharing:

They also boast many health benefits including:

  • Lots of fiber
  • Cancer fighting abilities
  • Help facilitate easier breathing

Anyone ever hear of the 3-A-Day Apple Diet? Jazz Apples link to the 3-Apple-A-Day Plan, claiming that on average, those who participate lose 20 lbs. in 12 weeks. Let me know if you’ve ever hear of or tried this. Very interesting!

Do you have a go-to apple variety?

What do you look for in a good apple?

What’s your favorite way to eat an apple? (plain, peanut butter, pie?)

Any out-of-the-ordinary fruits you think I should try?


4 thoughts on “Jazz! Apples

  1. I might just have to try these! I used to big a huge gala fan, but over the past few years, I’ve taken to eating Granny Smiths because they’re almost always firm, crisp, and never mealy! (Mealy apples are my biggest pet peeve!) I love apples because as you said, they’re easy to take on-the-go and they’re nutritious. I have for my mid-morning snack every day! 🙂

  2. Jazz Apples are my favourite apple of all time! I only eat them as they are, but I have to admit the Jazz Apple website(s) have some interesting looking recipes.

    Traditionally, I dislike red apples of any kind, sticking to the greenest of green ones. I have always hated any apple that isn’t juicy and crunchy, and any red apples I have had that have passed that test have been far too sweet and lacking in that ‘apple’ taste I enjoyed from green variants.

    Like Abby, Granny Smiths used to be my favourite, much for same the reasons too, but after being recommended Jazz apples, I could never dream of going back! I have also got a few other people trying Jazz Apples and they all have said they are the nicest apples they have ever tasted.

    One ‘tip’ I do have is to hand pick them from the displays and don’t buy the ones in the bag (some stores like Waitrose sell them like this). I found them to be smaller, softer and less flavoursome and I regretted saving the minor amount of time I usually would have spent delighting in picking the shiniest, reddest ones out by hand.

    • I’ve actually had a lot of people tell me recently that the only way they like apples is in pie! And no, it probably wouldn’t qualify 😉 Thanks for commenting!

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