Pickle Omelete

So today I put pickles in my “omelet”.

pickle omelete

talk about eating something new!

Yes, I know that I have some explaining to do.First of all, I am calling it an “omelet” in quotation marks because it isn’t a traditional omelet, but it does wind up being a single, cooked entity made mostly of egg but mixed with other ingredients.Secondly: no, you are not reading that incorrectly, I did indeed include pickles. The idea came about from reading a series of Facebook status updates from a high school acquaintance. It came up on my news feed that he had eaten pickles in his eggs that morning and I was immediately intrigued, knowing that I had to try it.. and soon! I love eggs and I love pickles, so why not mix them?

For me a good, hearty meal tends to be on the saltier/more savory, “umami” side of the sweet and salty continuum. This includes breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good side of berries, but as far as the core of the meal I usually prefer salty and savory over sweet. However, do like to add ingredients that are inherently salty rather than adding lots of table salt. So when I thought about pickles in eggs, I was immediately attracted to the salty quality that they would bring to the eggs and knew I had to try it.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 egg or 2 egg whites
  • 1 small pickle or 1 slice of sandwich pickles
  • cooking spray
  • optional: additional condiments, cheese, bread, tortilla, etc. I used a bit of cheese and a small flour tortilla.

What You’ll do:

one egg pan

For size comparison

I sprayed my one-egg pan, (remember when I used to blog about my favorite kitchen gadgets?! I miss that! so here it goes..) one of my favorite funky kitchen gadgets. It is exactly what it’s name implies: a pan made especially for cooking a single egg. Two eggs will fit though, if you’d prefer.

I cracked a whole egg (serious time crunch thismorning!) and let it start to cook while I prepped the pickle (TWSS). In our fridge we had a jar of the thinly sliced “sandwich pickles” so I took one slice and cut it in to five smaller pieces.

I thought it would be best to let the egg begin to solidify before adding the pickles, so that’s what I did. Turns out I was wrong because when I went to flip the egg the pickles slid off and wound up on the bottom of the pan rather than as a part of the “Egg patty” I was creating. It turns out that it worked just fine, but next time I will add the pickles right after I crack the egg (and break the yolk of course!).

After flipping the egg I sprinkled less than a teaspoon of part skim cheese on a small flour tortilla. When the egg was done I used my spatula to cut the “omelet” in half and put it on the flour tortilla. I added a second helping of about the same amount of cheese.

I tossed it – well, gently placed it – in to a tupperware container and packed it to go. (I told ya, time crunch!).

Once I got to work my mouth had been salivating; I couldn’t wait to try it!

And the verdict?

Delicious! But not overly exciting. The pickle didn’t taste as strong as I thought it would, but the flavor was definitely present and it definitely gave it the added salty quality I was looking for.

Will I try it again?

Absolutely. Maybe even tomorrow.

What would I do do differently?

Add a few more pieces of pickle – and add them to the egg sooner. Other than that I’d say it was a success!

If you don’t like pickles or eggs, this isn’t for you. If you do like both of these ingredients but are skeptical of combining them.. don’t be! Trust me, this is a risk worth taking.

Like I always say, what’s the worst case scenario? You don’t like it and you spit it out. No regrets, just lessons learned. No worries!

Have you ever tried this?

Thoughts on pickles in eggs?

Have another favorite seemingly strange flavor combination for me to try?

What’s your favorite ingredient to add to eggs?