Happy National Mojito Day!

Today is national mojito day! If you’ve never had one, I strongly recommend you take this opportunity to indulge and drink something new!

Not sure what I’m talking about? A mojito is a cuban rum citrus cocktail.

The ingredients:
– White Rum – I’ll suggest Bacardi
– Sugar – It’s best to use simple syrup. Boil 1 part water with 1 part sugar or Splenda until it is syrup-y.
– Fresh lime slices
– Fresh mint leaves
– Seltzer or tonic (or even Sprite if that’s all you have)

The fun part: Muddling. Mojitos are made using a muddler – a stick-like tool used to press the mint leaves and limes (gently! don’t break them up!) to release the juices and oil which give the drink it’s fresh flavors.

Above is a photo of a mojito I made during a mojito making lesson on a cruise. So fun, super delicious and skill building – can’t beat that!

Mixing it up:

Place mint leaves and lime slices in the bottom of your glass. Add rum. Muddle fruit ever-so-gently. Add ice if desired and fill the rest of the glass with your sparkling drink of choice – I suggest plain, diet seltzer or tonic.


Do you like mojitos?
There’s lots of variations – what’s your favorite?